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I am choosing the topic to write about a current movie that just came to theaters called “Kidnap” starring the one and only Halle Barry. There was a lot of hype about this upcoming movie and all the trailers made it seem like it was a ‘must see’. It was all over my TV advertising how intense it was going to be. I was really excited to see it and was semi-impressed over all— but there was one problem. The story base was JUST LIKE her last hit movie ‘The Call’. 

—Above is a little clip you can watch!

A little background to add on abduction thriller; it was directed by Luis Prieto. The filming started back in 2014 in New Orleans, with sone occasional scenes taking places in Slidell, Louisiana. The plot starts off with a single mother (Halle Barry) and her young son going to the fair that’s in town. After a little time spent there, the mom takes a phone call which leads to her realizing her son has gone missing. She catches a glimpse of a trashy couple taking her son, throwing him in the car and speeding off. She quickly chases after them, jumps in her car, and the crazy abduction chase begins. That’s all I should say about this thriller because it gets very intense!
Halle Barry starred in this movie and did a fabulous job, as always. A little background on her as this hot mama just recently turned 50! (but doesn’t look it). Barry won 2002 Academy Award for Best Actress in her performance ‘Monsters Ball’. She was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood during the 2000s. Along with being an amazing actress, she is extremely beautiful and is a model and spokesperson for Revlon makeup line.
The recent hit film she starred in seems to be killing it in the box office; racking up $16,000,000.

Though I loved the thrill and excitement that came with this film, I was bummed because it was way too similar to the other film Barry performed in known as ‘The Call’. ‘The Call’ was another abduction movie that had Halle Barry acting as a police dispatcher that takes the call from a young girl who has been abducted. Barry takes it upon herself in this film to go hunt down whenever the kidnapper has taken this little girl. For example, the car chase almost seemed as if I was watching both movies. Her acting and emotions were almost the same, the setting was just different. I think it’s definitely different from other thriller dramas because I haven’t seen/heard of another hit movie that  had your own child be abducted in front of your own eyes. The whole scene really makes you second guess trusting random people around you at a park. 

I thought that the story behind this movie was really important because like I said, it really makes you think about the people we surround ourselves by everyday. Her son was literally taken in SECONDS, and she was paying no attention being too distracted by a phone call. It also is a reminder of how precious the life of a young child is, being so innocent and believing anything anyone says, including strangers. I wouldn’t say it reflects on a trend in our culture, I don't hear much about abduction as I used to back in the say, but it definitely opens your eyes to what some people have actually gone through, this movie was based on a TRUE story. The target audience is probably for high school student and older. Otherwise, it would scare the life out of a young child. 

Halle Barry’s performance in this was amazing in my eyes! She’s outstanding at all her work and I think her acting in this movie was on point. She does a great Jon as coming off as a hard working mom, but always showing her sweet side even when times are tough and she is struggling. She shows her emotions through being scared, to hurt, to angry all in one and it was extraordinary. I thought that this was a good movie, but not her best. It might end up being a movie that isn’t necessarily forgotten as soon as next week, but in a few months it might fall off the face of the earth. It falls behind all of her previous movies, including ‘The Call’ which is being compared this most recent movie. From the professional critics, such as Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 43%… which is not very goof. The comment stated “Kidnap strays into poorly scripted exploitation too often to take advantage of its pulpy premise -- or the still-impressive talents of its committed star.” ( I think my take compared to theirs is a little easier mainly because I am not a huge fan of thrillers and I rarely watch them because I don't like being scared. These critics have obviously seen the best of the best. 

I think this movie engaged with social media mainly because they had a top hot actress in it. Though the movie didn’t get good reviews, Halle Barry will always get the fame that comes with it. Everyone know’s she's still got it. 

I thought this movie was over all very interesting and I would recommend it to most. I learned a lot from doing this blog post such as how much work goes into making a film… (I had no idea it took years to film a movie). It’s a fun and interesting time look into all the background and how certain critics are interested in movies and what it takes for a movie to get a good review.  


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