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Week 9--Music's Influence

There hasn't really been a certain time where I personally tried to protect someone from the vulgarity of some songs. BUT, being the youngest in my family with 2 older brothers, I was not aloud to listen to their music. I remember there was a time in the car with my older brothers, and my mom. My oldest brother Tanner wanted to play his music that him and his high school friends listen to. There was a numerous amount of cuss words, with profanity and everything. I remember my mom being mad because I started to repeat the bad words in the song over and over again, and the boys thought it was hilarious which egged me on of course at such a young age.

I was young at the time, but I thought it was all fun and games until my mom got really mad at me because I wasn't listening to her, and was feeding off of the older boys laughing at me.

I love hip-hop/Rnb, country, and alternative music like Maroon 5. I have a very wide variety of music, it kind of just depends on who I am surround…

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