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Week 8-- Banned Books and Your Bookshelf

I am not a huge reader, but the first book that stood out that I have read over the few years was 50 Shades of Grey, which to me is a no-brainer. This was a very sexual and vulgar book to read but as a female I really enjoyed it and the story behind it. I liked the book a lot better than the movie. Another one that was listed that I've read is the Hunger Games, which I'm a tad confused as to why this book was banned. I thought it was a great read, one that made it hard to put the book down!

I think it's socially acceptable to limit books to public school libraries, but to local libraries, I think it should be a open to everything. A public school library should definitely have limitations on what type of books they put into their library mainly because it's important that when kids go to school, they're being educated about the correct things and not being able to get ahold of books that can influence them on the wrong things at that age. When it comes to a public,…

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